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Install stats are determined by the number of users that choose to send installation notification during application setup, so the above installation number is only an estimate. Also, the statistics generation was not introduced until OpenSSL32 v1.0.36, so anyone using previous releases will not be listed as well.
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Development Planned :: July 14th, 2004

I have been extra busy with other things, etc...
Just to let people know.. this project is not dead.. I plan to re-start development on this project 'really' soon...
Currently this application is written in VB6... but will be changed to a VB.NET Project, i'm not too sure yet but I "might" re-code the application from scratch instead of f**king around trying to get everything to convert correctly... it'll help me with learning VS.NET anyway mrgreen, also it will remove a few dependencies that this project currently has as well.

Statistics working again!! :: May 17th, 2003

The OpenSSL32 user statistics are now working again, as stated on the 16th every is now stored in a MySQL database and backups are made daily. Hopefully nothing stupid happens this time... mrgreen

I Would also like to ask that people please choose to send the installation notification when they are installing the OpenSSL32 program.

Statistics to start again soon :: May 16th, 2003

I have finally gotten the time to start on a *new* user statistics gathering PHP Class that will now store all of the statistics in a MySQL database, however all of the counters must start from 'zero' again, because there was no backup of the previous counters

Note: backups are now made daily wink

Statistics Screwed Up! :: May 8th, 2003

The Webcounter & OpenSSL32 Installations Counter Statistics have been lost cry
Stupid me forgot to backup the data.... oh well.. time to restart confused

Version 1.0.39 Released :: January 9th, 2003

It has been a long time since I have had time to work on the OpenSSL32 project because of christmas, newyears, etc..

Anyway, version 1.0.39 of OpenSSL32 is now available, this version is mainly a code cleanup release.

Version 1.0.36 Released :: December 10th, 2002

This version of OpenSSL32 introduces the file encryption/decryption support that I have been working on, please report any bugs via the bugs tracker found on the right hand side of this page.

The OpenSSL32 Installer now has the option of sending a single notification to this website that you have installed OpenSSL32, it is completely optional but it would be nice if people used it so I could see how many people are actually interested in the program... (also added stats for it to the right of this page, near the webcounter)

Encryption Support Complete :: December 10th, 2002

File encryption/decryption support has been completed. A new version will be released later today. The CreateProcess() problem listed below is no longer a problem, openssl seems to have had a -pass option for giving the password on commandline instead of using stdin (-pass pass:your_pass). Maybe I should of read the openssl(1) manpage earlier ... biggrin

Current Project Status :: December 10th, 2002

File encryption & decryption support has been started, so far everything seems to be going fine. For now all arguments will be passed to openssl.exe through a shell script (using sh.exe from cygwin). I need to use SH because currently I do not know how to pass arguments via STDIN to a process created via CreateProcess() in Visual Basic, because all write pipes need to be closed before executing the app... (if anyone knows how to do this... PLEASE TELL ME!).

The following encryption ciphers will be supported:


Website Started :: December 9th, 2002

Started developing this website. I'm not much of a website designer, so I am sure that there won't be very much to it. smile

Please note that when creating checksums that the program will appear to be frozen.
Also the larger the file you are hashing the longer it will take to do... so do not kill the program (ctrl+alt+del)

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